International Journal of Home Economics, Hospitality and Allied Research
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E-ISSN: 3027-1819

Open Access Policy

The International Journal of Home Economics, Hospitality and Allied Research (IJHHR) is fully compliant with open access mandates by publishing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). IJHHR is fully compatible with the publication mandates of funding organizations. The authors retain the rights to their work and are free to deposit their publication in any repository of their choice. The work can be freely adapted and shared with the condition that appropriate credit is provided and that any changes that are made are specified.

IJHHR offers immediate open access to all articles in accordance with the principle that making research freely available to the general public supports the creation of a more global exchange of knowledge and offers a significant method of increasing the visibility and impact of research, especially in the areas of Home Economics and Hospitality Management. This means:

  • The full text of all articles published in IJHHR is available free of charge and without any restrictions;
  • Anybody is free to re-use the published material, as long as proper attribution/citation of the original publication is provided;
  • The authors will have the opportunity to benefit society, which will serve to improve the value and profile of their research;
  • An open access publication is supported by a relatively low Article Processing Charge (APC) paid either by the author(s), their institution, or funding agencies.